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PRIZES - How it works


APU-exclusive prizes will appear in the shop on the first day of the challenge - Monday, March 9th. Shop offers can be purchased at any time during the challenge using the Bank Coins you earn. Click on an offer to view how many Bank Coins are needed to redeem it.  




Earn at least 100 Workout Coins to be entered into the weekly raffle. 3 winners will be chosen at random each week. For this raffle, Monday is the start of the week and Sunday is the end of the week.



Earn at least 800 Workout Coins during the 8-week challenge to be entered into the Grand Prize raffle. This is based on Workout Coins earned, not weeks participated - meaning if you fall off the wagon one week you still have a chance to earn your way back if you earn at least 800 Workout Coins by the end of the challenge. 



One lucky team will earn a grand prize at the end of the challenge. This prize is based on participation, not numbers. 


Example: Team A has 10 members and Team B has 5 members. Team A had 5 members participate in the challenge and Team B had 4 members participate in the challenge. Team B is the winner because they had 80% of their members participate while Team A had only 50% participation. 

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