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  • Do I have to use the PK Rewards app to participate in the APU Challenge?
    Yes, in order to participate in the challenge you must log your workouts on the PK Rewards app.
  • How do I use the app?
    This depends on what kind of workouts you'd like to track: For moving workouts (such as walks, runs, hikes, and treadmill workouts) you just need your phone. Click 'Start Earning' and begin your workout, then end and save it once you're done. Remember to keep your phone on you at all times during the workout for accurate tracking. For stationary workouts (such as weight lifting, bootcamp, yoga, etc.) you'll need to connect a Bluetooth heart rate monitor so we can detect your workout.
  • What workouts can I track?
    You can track walks, runs, hikes, and treadmill workouts using just your phone. To track stationary workouts such as bootcamp, yoga, weights, etc. you'll need to connect a Bluetooth heart rate monitor so we're able to determine what you're doing.
  • Do I need a heart rate monitor?
    No, you do not need a heart rate monitor to track moving workouts such as walks, runs, hikes, and treadmill. Just keep your phone on you and you're all set! However, you will need a heart rate monitor if you want to track stationary workout such as bootcamp, weights, yoga, etc.
  • How do I earn prizes?
    There are four different ways you can earn prizes in the APU Challenge: 1) Daily Prizes These exclusive APU prizes will be available for purchase on the Shop page in the PK Rewards app. Use your bank coins to redeem these prizes at any time throughout the challenge. 2) Weekly Prizes If you earn 100 workout coins each week, you'll be automatically entered into the weekly prize drawing. Each week starts on Monday 12:00am and ends on Sunday 11:50pm. Three lucky participants have a chance to win each week! 3) Grand Prizes If you earn 800 workout coins throughout the entire challenge, you'll be automatically entered into the grand prize drawing. Don't worry if you fall off one week, you can always just earn more coins the next week! Three lucky participants have a chance to win $250 gift cards. 4) Team Prizes The team with the most participation will win the team grand prize! *NOTE: Purchasing daily prizes will not affect your entry into the weekly and grand prize drawings. Bank Coins and Workout Coins are different - learn more here.
  • How do I earn coins?
    Earn coins based on your effort (e.g. how hard you're working). Effort is on a scale of 0-100, with 0 being no effort and 100 being your max effort. Notice the color change in the background during a workout to also indicate your effort score. More effort = more coins. The harder you work, the faster you earn. Watch the coin progress around the circle to indicate how quickly you're earning coins.
  • Can I connect my Fitbit or Garmin device?
    No, Fitbit and Garmin devices cannot connect to PK Rewards. However, you can import your Fitbit or Garmin workout once it's completed by clicking the "+" button on your profile page.* *Only available for iPhones right now. Android feature coming soon.
  • What is 'effort' and how does it work?
    Our proprietary algorithm using a combination of the sensors in your phone and your personal biometrics (age, weight, height, gender, etc) to determine how hard you're working - we call that 'effort'. We display your effort on your phone as you exercise. Effort is 100% personalized to you and ranges from 0-100, with 0 being no effort and 100 being max effort. Effort examples: Sleeping = 0-10 effort Sitting = 10-20 effort Standing = 20-30 effort Walking = 30-50 effort Jogging = 50-65 effort Running = 65-75 effort Sprinting = 75-100 effort
  • How do I invite friends & family to the challenge?
    Have them fill out the same form you did & click 'Friends/Family' for their team. Or, you can join them to the APU Family group manually. Just open the PK app > click the leaderboard tab > click on APU Family > scroll to the bottom of the page and click "Invite Friends".
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