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5-Minute Abs for Busy People

I get it you have a million things to do, and working out is probably last on that list. But if you can find just 5 minutes to spare, I have an amazing ab workout for you today that's going to activate those core muscles, and give you amazing definition! So let's get to it.

The Workout

Time: 5 minutes

Estimated Earnings: 10 coins

Equipment: Heart rate monitor or Apple Watch (optional), Yoga Mat (optional)

Complete 1 minute of each exercise (for exercises that are two sided, do 30 seconds on the right, and 30 on the left). If you have time and are willing to give it a go , rest 1 minute and repeat. This workout should earn about 10 coins! Happy earning.

Let me know how you like this workout in the comments, and what other workouts you'd like to see in the future! Looking for another workout? Check out this 20 minute Full Body HIIT Workout.

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