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Why You Shouldn't Miss Out on LISS

Updated: Jul 15, 2019

At PK, we love to compete based on effort- how hard we workout. But, aiming for high effort shouldn’t always be your goal! There’s a time and a place for lower intensity exercise in every fitness routine. Whoever you are, and whatever your goals- you need LISS.

What is LISS?

LISS stands for Low-Intensity Steady State cardio. And chances are, you have done LISS before, and may even do it all the time, you just didn’t know the technical term for it.

Basically, LISS is any low-intensity cardio performed for a prolonged period of time (typically 30-60 minutes). Activities could include hiking, cycling, walking, jogging, or swimming- just to name a few.

With LISS, rather than focus on pushing yourself through your workout, aim to keep your effort score blue or green, below a 70 effort.

Why do you need LISS?

Burn Calories

LISS might not burn calories as fast as it’s higher intensity counterparts, but it does burn calories nonetheless. If you’re really after calorie burn, a great thing about LISS is that it’s easier to sustain this type of exercise for prolonged periods of time, meaning you’ll have the energy to get the calorie burn you’re looking for, but it might just take a little longer!

Also, consider adding LISS in at the end of your higher intensity training sessions. Not only can it serve as a nice cooldown, but you’ll also receive the benefit of additional calorie burn.

It’s fun/can be relaxing

Just relax! Do you find yourself getting stressed in your efforts to remain focused and intense during a high-intensity session? Or having a hard time gathering the courage to complete a high-intensity workout?

Well, the pressure’s off. Take your dog on a long walk, go on a bike ride with your spouse- enjoy this workout!! Take your mind off your day, take a deep breath, and make space to de-stress through low-intensity exercise.

Build up your fitness

LISS is a great type of exercise for beginners or those who have spent extended time away from their fitness routine. It can ease you into fitness and is a simple way to build your fitness level without straining yourself.


Even if you regularly participate in high-intensity activity, you shouldn’t do it every single day. You need to rest for your muscles to recover and become stronger! Rather than stacking a heavy or intense workout on sore muscles, get in a nice LISS session. You’ll still burn calories and get good exercise in. The movement will even act as a shakeout, to get fresh blood circulating and loosen up tight muscles.

If LISS isn’t already a part of your workout routine, I highly recommend adding it in! Just give it a try, I think you’ll be surprised by how much you actually enjoy doing it. You might even find yourself quickly becoming addicted. Don’t forget to post your LISS workout on PK!

Happy Earning,


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